Maggie B Reads

Hi. Welcome.

My name is Maggie (of course!) and I am a writer, editor, singer, and actor based in Chicago, IL.

As a child, like many, I absolutely adored reading, but as I grew up, also like many, school and extra-curriculars and, well, life just became busier and, unfortunately, I fell out of the habit. Shortly after graduating college, however — hat tip to The Nightingale! — I fell deeply back in love with reading, discussion, bookstores, the whole nine yards.

Shortly thereafter, I started my humble blog as a means to keep track of what I was reading, whether or not I liked it, and if I’d recommend any of them to friends, and so here we are! I am also a member of a delightful book club (shoutout to any of my Reading Between the Wines ladies, if you’re here!), and an avid Goodreads user.

I’m an ENFJ, an enneagram 2, a Leo, an amateur home cook, and a strong supporter of the Oxford comma, and I’m glad you’ve stopped by!

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